Vic Roads


Aus Pits have been a major supplier to Vic Roads projects since the early 1980’s. During this time we have acquired many moulds and product lines to ensure that we can meet the needs of all Vic Roads projects no matter how large or small.

Aus Pits have experience with the supply and demand that can come with the building of new freeways, lane expansion projects and major roadworks such as upgrades. Some of the projects that Aus Pits have worked on over the journey are:

  • M1 Upgrade Project
  • Deer Park Bypass Project
  • Geelong Ring Road Project
  • Western Ring Road Project

Listed are the most common Vic Roads pits and products that Aus Pits can supply to your Project:

  • Junction Pits & Covers to suit Standards SD1121, SD1131 etc.
  • Side Entry Pits & Covers to suit Standards SD1301, SD1311, SD1321 etc.
  • Grated Pits to suit Standards SD1431, SD1411, SD1431, SD1441
  • Batter Outlets
  • Flushout Risers
  • Plus many more, including site specific products.