Stormwater Pits & Systems NSW, ACT & QLD

Aus Pits manufacture a range of custom made pre-cast stormwater pits to suit individual project requirements. Project levels and pipe penetrations are noted and provided to suit each application. Special requirements for existing services and various cover types are also taken into account.

All Aus Pits products conform with Australia Standards, the Aus Road Bridge Code Design and the specifications of the local authorities under a quality program conforming to IS09001:2015. This provides the client with the knowledge that the product is structurally adequate for the durability required in civil construction.

 Aus Pits custom manufacture all pits to include:

  • All penetrations required for each pit, including stormwater lines, emergency weep holes, subsoil etc. All penetrations are placed at the correct invert levels as specified on the project drawings to allow the easy connection of pipes.
  • Pit heights are custom manufactured to the individual pit levels shown on the project drawings. This negates the requirement for ‘make-up risers’ and allows a quick and easy installation of the pit and cover.
  • Where required, all haunching requirements to standard clear openings required of each pit.
  • Plastic encapsulated steel step irons will be fitted to each pit; determined by project specifications.
  • All pits will be individually numbered according to the project drawings for easy identification and installation.
  • The mass of each pit will be marked on the side of each pit for lifting purposes.
  • Aus Pits provide a wide range of covers to suit stormwater pits, such as concrete, ductile iron and grated covers – refer to covers section

Where a larger pit is required, in order to suit large or numerous pipes, the top of the pit can be reduced to suit the standard pit opening required.

Aus Pits also manufacture pit structures to suit special projects and construction requirements, including large and complex structures.

Aus Pits have a construction team and manufacturing area that are dedicated to the building of all larger structures, where the main objective is to meet the clients specific requirements and project timelines.

Below is a table of Aus Pits most common pit sizes.

Aus Pits are able to offer a wide variety of standard pit sizes. The most common pit sizes we provide are shown in the table below, all pit types are available in these sizes




450 450 AP-45
600 600 AP-66
600 830 AP-68
700 700 AP-77
750 750 AP-7575
840 400 AP-84
962 522 AP-95
900 600 AP-96
900 670 AP-967
900 700 AP-97
900 750 AP-975
930 835 AP-98
900 900 AP-99
1000 1000 AP-1000
1050 1050 AP-1010
1200 900 AP-1209
1200 1200 AP-1212
1300 830 AP-1383
1540 700 AP-1547
1500 900 AP-1509
1500 1200 AP-1512
1500 1500 AP-1515
1800 900 AP-1809
1800 1200 AP-1812
1800 1500 AP-1815
1800 1800 AP-1818
2100 600 AP-2106
2100 900 AP-2109
2100 1200 AP-2112
2100 1500 AP-2115
2100 1800 AP-2118
2100 2100 AP-2121