• elec pit

Electrical & Communication Pits

Aus Pits has extensive experience in the supply of all manner and sizes of electrical, communications and data pits.

We are able to offer a number of penetration types and cast in products to facilitate the efficient installation of conduits, cabling etc… including:

  • Plain penetrations to allow conduits to be grouted into place
  • Conduit stubs protruding from the external face of the pit walls
  • Slip couplings
  • Bellmouth couplings
  • Cast in unistrut and cantilevers
  • Cable pulling eyes
  • Footings around base of pit

All our penetrations and cast in products are individually cast into the conduit banks shown on the project drawings and we are able to cast different penetration types into the same pits if required such as slip couplings for incoming conduits and bellmouth couplings for outgoing conduits.

Our electrical pits are provided with either plastic encapsulated steel step irons or, where required, steel extendable ladders. We are also able to offer a wide range of covers, from topslabs encasing small hatch covers to large multi-part covers.