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Aus Pits Light Weight Covers

Aus Pits have designed and manufactured a durable lightweight pit cover called ‘Aus Pits Light Weight Covers’.

  • Aus Pits Light Weight Covers are manufactured from a lightweight composite material, as opposed to traditional materials such as concrete and steel, making it easy to install. 
  • Installation can be carried out by 1 person without the requirements of heavy lifting machinery.
  • Lightweight materials reduce the risk injuries associated with lifting stains & squashed fingers.
  • Secure locks prevent unauthorised access. Our locking system is also designed around the standard Gatic lifter.
  • Cost saving benefits: reduced labour, competitive pricing and substantial design life.
  • Class B rating, as per Australian Standard AS3996-2006.
  • Available in 900 x 600 green: junction, side entry & grated entry pit types.