Associated Products

Aus Pits manufacture a number of associated products to complete your project requirements. Below are a few of the most common, for any additional items not displayed or mentioned please contact Aus Pits to discuss manufacturing capability.

  • Grease/Oil Separators
  • Flame Trap Pits
  • Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Pits
  • Wing Walls & Headwalls
  • Energy Dissipator Pits
  • Trash Baskets
  • Step Irons
  • Batter outlets
  • Flushout Risers
  • PSM Markers
  • Special Structures – to Project Specific Drawings
  • Trench Units
  • Permanent Survey Marker (PSM) Cover Section

  • Permanent Survey Marker (PSM)

  • Pressure Reducing Valve Pits (PRV)

  • Trench Units

    Aus Pits can encase grates up to a class G loading.

  • Step Irons

  • Brass Tags

  • Headwalls

    Wingwalls/Headwalls can be manufactured to suit numerous pipe sizes from 225 DIA - To large custom made units.

  • Drivable Endwalls

    Drivable Endwalls can be manufactured to numerous pipe sizes from 225DIA to 1050DIA (large structures could be discussed with our designers)

  • Batter Outlets

  • Flush Out Risers

    Heavy Duty and Light Duty available

  • Catchment Pits

  • Trash Baskets

    Aus Pits can manufacture trash baskets to suit a range of applications.

  • Deep Dish Property Inlet

  • Lintels

    Aus Pits manufacture a range of lintels to suit a variety of standards nationwide.

  • Manhole Support Blocks